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As part of David's work into the various issues his appellate cases raise, his attendance at
seminars over the past two decades yields valuable and expanding experience for his clients. Below are a representative sample of the literally dozens of seminars and conferences David
has attended:

Sixth District Appellate Program & First District Appellate Program, Training Seminar: Legal Issues relating to homicide and complex sex offenses, (June, 2002)

State Bar of California Annual Meeting, subjects included: Writ Practice in Court of Appeals; An Insider's View of the Supreme Court; The Changing Rules of the Appellate Game--Newly Adopted Rules of Court; An Insider's View of the Court of Appeal; Preserving and Presenting Your Appeal; An Insider's View of the Ninth Circuit (Oct. 10-13, 2002)

Sixth District Appellate Program, Spring Appellate Seminar. Topics included Investigation and Presentation of Habeas Claims, State and Federal; Sentencing Credits; Effective Client Communication
(Spring 2003)

CCAP (California Court of Appeal) Conference and Seminar
(March 24, 2006)

NCADRC (National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center), Conference, Las Vegas, NV
(Sept. 28-30, 2006)

Capital Case Defense Seminar, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) & California Public Defenders Assoc. (CPDA)
(Feb. 17-20, 2006)

One of the featired speakers at the Parental Alienation Awareness Workshop,
(PAAO) (April 14-15, 2007)

California Appellate Defense Council's Seventh Annual Conference and Seminar
(March 25, 2000)

California Appellate Defense Council's Sixth Annual Conference and Seminar
(March 26, 1999)