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Whether it's taking on appellate work directly for clients, or consulting with legal
professionals on their own cases, David is able to bring a depth and breadth of knowledge
to bear with demonstrable results. Below is a sample of the clients and cases David has
impacted in a positive way:

Appellate Case #H021551, People v. Jose O. Diaz

"The committee would like to commend you on your exemplary work in this case. The petition for a writ of habeas corpus in which you interviewed expert witnesses and prepared and submitted declarations supporting an argument that your client received ineffective assistance from his trial counsel was excellent."

-- Hon. Rodney Davis, Char., AIDOAC Judicial Council

"I have found David's work to be exceptional. He is a valuable asset to all of us who strive to provide our clients with quality representation. He is also a wonderful asset when trying a case."

-- Sam J. Polerino, Esq,

"Your treatment of the subjective/objective distinction is a superior piece of legal argument and indeed quite a scholarly accomplishment as well, It's as good as anything I've seen on this subject. I could steal it for my casebook."

-- Robert Weisberg, Special Assistant to the Provost
Stanford University