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Why Choose Carico Law?

There are many reasons why a client who is seeking to appeal a judgement or verdict is
better served with an attorney who specializes in appellate law, than to remain with
the previous trial counsel. The areas of trial law and appellate law are not the same–
requiring such specialized training as to make it extremely impractical (if not improbable)
to be proficient, let alone effective in both.

Why your previous trial attorney isn’t necessarily the best choice

Trial lawyers operate in a far different area of practice than the Court of Appeal.
Although retaining your trial attorney might appear to be the logical choice, since he or
she knows the intimate details of the case, and was present for all witnesses and arguments–
trial attorneys operate “in the moment”, and can overlook events, issues or errors that
might have made a difference during the trial.

The very nature of a trial is that facts and events unfold in real time, often with no opportunity
for the trial counsel to reflect or consider other issues. This is why the dispassionate and
objective eye of an appellate attorney can often be the key to a successful appeal.

A legal specialist increases the likelihood of success in pursuing an appeal

An appellate practice is a specialty that is different from trial practice. Someone seeking to defend themselves against a DUI charge would consult a criminal defense attorney with experience in DUI cases, as opposed to using a general criminal attorney or an attorney who does not practice criminal law at all.

The fact is, clients who want or need their case heard at the appellate level need an experienced
attorney who devotes much or his or her practice to appellate law. Although some trial attorneys
have significant appellate experience, that is the exception rather than the rule– most do not.

How Carico Law is different than trial counsel

David Carico has committed over 35 years of his career to developing the highly specialized
skills necessary to successfully practice appellate law, and negotiate the intricacies of
The Court of Appeal. His depth of knowledge on appellate case law, what review standards
a particular case requires, and an ability to discern relevant issues makes him the right choice
when considering an appeal.

When pursuing a case on appeal, he employs a team approach with experts in various
disciplines, methodically reviews the entire trial record, and looks for possible errors made by
opposing counsel, trial counsel or the court, as well as a thorough review of the evidence.
In many cases, he will re-investigate witnesses, prepare new strategies, and even look for
additional evidence overlooked in trial. David has cultivated valuable contacts with law professors and is able to bring that additional body of knowledge to bear on a case– with the end result being
that appellate justices are more likely to take notice when they see declarations from
judicial scholars, in addition to a well argued appellate brief.

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