Appellate FAQs
How Do I Begin an Appeal?
How Carico Law Conducts
an Appeal

What Are the Deadlines for
Filing an Appeal?

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FAQs on Video

The written topics covered in the FAQ section address the appellate process and the Court in very general terms. These videos cover specific aspects of appeals and are a good way to start in making an informed decision whether or not to retain Carico Law.

Each video is presented in streaming format, and you will need the Flash plug-in
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why Why Hire an Appellate Attorney?
The advantages of a legal specialist

intake Beginning an Appeal:
The Intake Interview

process Proceeding with an Appeal:
What to expect

begin How an Appeal Begins:
The appellate process explained

criminal Appealing a Criminal Verdict
The procedures and dealines

writs What is a Writ?
When to apply for a writ

civil Appealing a Civil Judgement
How it differs from criminal appeals

team The Appellate Team
Experts, evidence and investigations